Meet the team:
Behind every great product, there is a great team.
Adriano Marques
With extensive experience in the fields of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and High-Performance Computing, Adriano is hard at work on the goal of simplifying and democratizing Artificial Intelligence.
Jasmine Smith
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant that provides support to the technical team and CEO.
Rhuan Silva
Project Leader
Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience, Rhuan works as a Full Stack and DevOps Engineer at XNV.
Harlei Vicente
Front-end Arquitect
Senior software architect with experience in distributed systems. Specialized in creating great experiences for the end user and optimizing interfaces for desktop and mobile.
Igor Muniz
Data Scientist
Data scientist passionate about creating machine learning models and applying them to cool projects.
Fernando Camargo
Data Scientist
Data Scientist with in-depth machine learning expertise and wide-ranging experience in software engineering.
Mateus Lima
Product Designer
Interdisciplinar Designer / Technologist working with communication and interaction either being through analog or digital media, currently focused in designing user experiences on digital products with a problem finder and solver mindset.
Rodrigo Mafra
Product Designer
With a background in crafting interfaces, leading by design and creating UX strategies, Rodrigo connects people, technology, and business to provide the best experiences for users.
Marcelo Sampaio
Software Engineer
With more than 20 years of experience, Marcelo is a full stack developer in Exponential Ventures. His areas of interest are High-Performance Computing, DevOps and Code Design(Architectural Patterns and Code Smells). With major experience in Java (JEE and Microservices), React and Javascript, Marcelo is responsible for both backend and front end code at Exponential Ventures.