High touch AI solution

Companies of all sizes can now tap into the power of AI with Amalgam’s powerful and cost effective solutions.

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Create projects

Work on multiple problems at the same time, using the same or multiple datasets

Track experiments

Set performance goals, and track each experiments’s progress in real time

Data cleaning

Amalgam’s intelligent solutions simplify and walks you through the data wrangling process step-by-step

What is Mercury?

Mercury is a completely integrated and highly customizable solution designed to create AI models for problems of all sizes and nature. It runs on top of our proprietary and open source solutions to increase training speeds to levels unheard of in the industry. All of that, while running on state of the art hardware at a cost that you can afford.

What does that mean for your company?

Our solutions offer your business the edge required to harness the power of AI to disrupt your industry at a cost effective manner. From predictions, to simulations, to decision making automation, your industry is waiting to be disrupted by AI and with Mercury you can achieve that in a cost-effective manner.

Open source


Aurum is a new and simplified approach for data scientists to keep track of data and code without having to get another PhD for it. It keeps track of all code and data changes, and lets you easily reproduce any experiment as well as easily compare metrics across experiments.


Easy to use pipeline solution for your AI/ML experiments, with a neat caching feature that allows you to skip the overhead and jump straight to the step that was changed most recently. It’s almost like having Jupyter in the shell, but now you can use git and keep history of code changes.

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