GPU clusters designed for deep learning

Accelerate your team’s AI progress with a high quality HPC cluster

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High performance GPUs

With the best GPUs on the market for you to choose, your Amalgam cluster will help your team reduce training times in several orders of magnitude.

HPC Networking

Work with state-of-the-art network that is taylor made for your needs, we can help you leverage GPU Direct RDMA to bypass the CPU during training and harness every ounce of processing power available in your GPU.

Top speed flash storage

Pair our cluster with the best flash storage solutions out there, customized to meet your specific processing needs.

Package solution

Amalgam Cluster is a turn-key solution. Don’t have a place to install your cluster? No worries, we have the perfect mobile Data Center solution to match.

Solution for different needs

Integrated Solution
We’ll work with you to understand your needs and put together a turn-key solution that is optimized for your application and is guaranteed to deliver the promised performance. We’ll take care of all vendors and putting everything together for you.

We Pull Out All The Stops
Every single component is matched with equivalent capacity, speed, and redundancy that allows you to use every single ounce of processing power available in your system.

Turn-key In Every Possible Way
Our job is to make sure you do Artificial Intelligence without having to focus on Infrastructure, Hardware, or maintenance. We’ve got your back, now go change the world with an AI Optimized Amalgam Cluster.

We handle both CPU or GPU server solutions

Every challenge demands a different solution. Whether you need a CPU or GPU cluster, we got you covered with affordable high density solutions that are guaranteed to solve your computing needs.

Scalable Solution
All our Cluster solutions are endlessly scalable. You can start out with a single server, and keep expanding to respond to new needs.

It’s Like Driving a Super Sports Car

Amazing Looks
Our engineering team takes pride in delivering a neat solution that looks good inside and outside. From cables, to labels, to connections, to grills, and to racks, no detail is overlooked.

Amazing Performance
Our clusters are guaranteed to perform to their full capacity, rated to the type of problem you’re trying to solve.

Amazing Service
Our job doesn’t end when the cluster is delivered. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the most out of your cluster.

Compare costs with other solutions

Top performance means nothing if it is not affordable. All of Amalgam’s AI optimized solutions offer the best industry performance with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Deep learning infrastructure for your data center

Leverage the Amalgam’s engineering expertise to design a cluster tailored to your specific deep learning workload.

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All-in-one solution for AI

Our Data Center Container is a turn-key solution that comes with all the necessary infrastructure for your Artificial Intelligence needs anywhere in the world.

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