About us

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” – Eliezer Yudkowsky

About Us

Having solved all sorts of problems using Machine Learning, we deeply learned all the problems and challenges that engineers in the field face everyday. From Data Centers, to custom hardware that actually works for AI workloads, to preparing quality datasets, to creating performant models that work in production, we’ve done it all.

Our mission is to simplify and accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence by offering high quality solutions that allows Engineers to focus on solving the hardest problems in the industry.

Exponential Ventures

Amalgam is a child company of Exponential Ventures, an Austin-based Startup Studio focused on creating startups enabled by Exponential Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Digital Fabrication, and Blockchains.

Our team

Behind every great product, there is a great team.

Adriano Marques


Jasmine Smith

Executive Assistant

Igor Muniz

Director of AI

Wagner Adriano

Marketing Manager

Our team

Behind every great product, there is a great team.

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